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The Memphis 13 Foundation

Preserving a Legacy, Preparing Future Generations

In 1961, thirteen brave first-graders made history by desegregating Memphis City Schools, becoming known as The Memphis 13. Today, The Memphis 13 Foundation honors their legacy and courage by providing educational resources, fostering community collaboration, and promoting social justice. Through initiatives like the Commemorative Murals, Memphis FilmWorks Project, and our robust Teaching The Memphis 13 workshops, we're empowering today's young learners with the powerful stories of these local heroes. Our Foundation is committed to ensuring the past is not forgotten, but serves as a tool to educate and inspire for a better future.

Join our mission

Stay updated on the latest developments with our projects and initiatives. Find out about our upcoming events, such as our  Teaching The Memphis 13 Workshops and community film screenings. We regularly update our schedule and will provide resources for you to be part of our journey.

Become a supporter

Your support goes a long way in preserving the legacy of The Memphis 13 and helping us educate future generations. Help us carry forward this vital work by making a donation today.

Together, we can help keep the spirit of justice, equality, and change alive for future generations.

Our Partners

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