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The Memphis 13 Foundation

The Legacy of the Memphis 13

In 1961, thirteen first-grade students made history in Memphis, Tennessee. They courageously walked into previously all-white schools, thus becoming the pioneers of desegregation in Memphis City Schools. These remarkable children, now known as The Memphis 13, embodied resilience and determination, marking a critical step in the American Civil Rights Movement.

About the Foundation

Established in 2022, The Memphis 13 Foundation was created to commemorate and carry forward the legacy of these courageous individuals. We aim to connect the past and the present by preserving the stories of the Memphis 13, and utilize their experiences as educational tools for future generations. Our mission goes beyond simply remembering historical events - we strive to bring them to life in our classrooms, communities, and conversations.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: The Memphis 13 Foundation is committed to preserving the legacy of The Memphis 13, educating future generations about this seminal event in civil rights history, and promoting social justice through community engagement and collaboration.

Vision: We envision a world where the stories of The Memphis 13 inspire ongoing conversations about equity and justice, empower young people to be agents of change, and continue to shape our national understanding of civil rights and social justice.

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